‘How-To’ Market Your Deerfield Home Based Business

'How-To' Market Your Deerfield Home Based Business Some Deerfield online or MLM business owners don’t understand the power of How-To’s in generating content for their Deerfield online business blogs or e-stores.

If you are selling XE Energy (as I am) or selling a financial opportunity like the XE Energy home based business opportunity (as I am also) you have experience describing the benefits of your product and opportunity to potential customers.

If you have been running your XE Energy online business for a while, perhaps you have personalized your demos to make them more compelling for your target market. If potential Chicago customers relate to you and your experience, they will be more likely to purchase your product or join your IL network marketing team.

If you can explain how you perform a task with your product or service, or how your product solves a problem, you can document this process to create a How-To article or video.

It’s easy:

  1. Perform the steps in the process, and write them down.
  2. Edit them for clarity and add personal details about how this process has benefited you or your customers.
  3. End with a quick summary.

For example, a How-To article describing how to sign up to own your own XE Energy home based business opportunity would include:

  1. Call Yvonne Hedeker at 847-721-9902 or email yvonne@eatingchocolateishealthy.com.
  2. Pay the low start-up fee with check or credit card.
  3. Receive your XE Energy start-up kit.
  4. Register for your XE Energy online store.
  5. Personalize your XE Energy e-store.
  6. Follow the marketing methods I provide.
  7. Process the XE Energy orders you receive.
  8. Receive checks for your sales.

Of course, many of these steps could be described in more detail, but you get the idea.

I challenge all my XE Energy MLM network members to create a How-To article or video this month. I am eager to see you express your creativity in your XE Energy marketing.

Thanks for visiting. Check back often for more information on the Deerfield XE Energy entrepreneur opportunity.

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