Music Benefits Deerfield School Children

Music Benefits Deerfield School Children

Deerfield parents know that healthy kids need love, high-quality education, proper nutrition, cultural opportunities, and lots of exercise for well-rounded lives. For many IL children, a well-rounded life also includes music in one form or another. Most kids (especially toddlers) love dancing to, singing along with, and playing music.

Studies have shown that music does much more than simply entertain.

Children who are involved in some kind of musical training during school perform better in math and science areas. They also learn better coordination, do better in reading, concentrating, and goal setting. Studies show that students who are involved in a music education program also perform better on their SATs, and are more likely to attend college.

It’s best for Chicago parents to start their kids young, but it is never too late to learn a musical instrument. A good way to expose children to free musical events is through IL community performance programs. Check with Rockford, Milwaukee, and Chicago libraries and community centers for more information.

Any music store in the 60015 zip code area will have great advice about Chicago area music lessons and teachers for your child.

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